Sodexo Property Solutions (SPS)

At Sodexo Property Solutions, ours is a business of scale and potential. From scoping new opportunities to managing complex change projects, we provide our clients with centrally managed services that support facilities management — either delivered by Sodexo or a third party.

Our Helpdesk underpins our business by creating data from requests for on-site work that’s fed into our system and interpreted by our expert Intelligence Solutions and Performance Reporting teams. This data is then used by the rest of the business to support our clients in making strategic decisions.

By developing long-term strategic partnerships, our team of account managers act as the main contact point for our clients. They make sure we’re meeting our agreed targets and raise awareness of the value of our products and services.

Careers here are as varied as our clients, across a wide range of service areas.


Helpdesk services

Our Helpdesk service supports our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Handling over one million work orders a year, we support people based at thousands of properties throughout the UK. It’s not so much ‘how can we help?’, more ‘when can we help?’.

If you like nothing more than knowing you’re supporting people, we have a breadth of careers to suit you perfectly.

Supply Chain services

Supply chain activity is fundamental to an organisation, with many spending as much as half their turnover on goods and services. As one of only 80 businesses in the world accredited as a Centre of Excellence by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, our team make sure it’s spent in the best possible way for clients across the globe.

Applying our specialist expertise, tools and processes, we spot opportunities, deliver improvements and provide governance.

Asset management

To replace, repair or maintain: that is the question. Answering it is our speciality. Our asset management teams manage the planned, reactive and capital maintenance of our clients’ property portfolios — equating to half a million assets across the UK.

So when a customer with 3,400 properties called us at 9am to tell us they had £18m in their capital planning budget, by 5pm we’d advised on how to spend it. By the end of the year, we’d saved them £2.3m. Careers here are fast-paced, exciting and at the heart of some very big decisions.

IT and intelligence solutions

How can we share, use and protect data, whilst keeping it up to date? Combining our industry-leading systems and expertise, we leave nothing to chance. By capturing and storing a client’s business-critical property data in one place, we build up a live image of their estate and unlock the knowledge they need to make informed strategic decisions. We’re more than IT specialists. We’re facilities management specialists in IT, who drive innovation, development and change.

Project management

Last year alone we managed 400 projects with a combined value of £30m and technically managed and advised on 4,000 contractor estimates. We plan estate projects with our clients down to the very last detail and offer an end-to-end process that minimises risk, reduces spend and hits targets.

Our estates experts combine asset knowledge, property information and project management expertise to solve every issue imaginable. We also manage hard service work, including mechanical, electrical, fabric and workplace management.

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A key role within Sodexo Property Solutions

Supply chain consultants plan audits, manage contracts and develop strong working relationships with suppliers. All the while ensuring that services are up to scratch.


We've a world of talented people dedicated to delivering quality of life services.