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Working PrisonsThe Government has called for prisons to become places of real work and meaningful activity, and Sodexo Justice Services are leading the way.

We already run a 40 hour week workshop, providing meaningful work and skills for 32 prisoners at our prison HMP Forest Bank, alongside several other impressive workshops.

Many of our partners as well as other organisations are already reshoring their overseas work and transferring it into a Sodexo prison to provide meaningful employment and skills for offenders, as well as reparation funds for victims.

We are accustomed to matching the needs of offenders for purposeful work and employment on release, to the needs of businesses and other enterprises for reliable, quality workers, and initiatives that contribute to their corporate social responsibility credentials.

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Payments by results

In September 2010, the UK’s first ever payment by results pilot for offenders was launched at Sodexo Justice Services’ prison HMP & YOI Peterborough.

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We have an impressive, much valued and varied array of operational partners who work with us at our different sites and on different services to enhance our delivery.

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