Sodexo's response to the BBC Panorama programme

A programme by BBC Panorama was broadcast on Monday 13 February at 8.30pm. Sodexo provided the following response to BBC Panorama.

“We are a responsible and transparent provider and have worked with the Government in managing prisons for over 17 years.   We take seriously the issues and concerns raised in the programme which  will be investigated and we will take appropriate action.

“This programme highlights many of the issues – such as the impact of drugs and the rise of violence  – that have increased in recent years across all prisons. The programme has mainly shown negative opinions and incidents but has not communicated the many positive actions and improvements that we have made at HMP Northumberland to address these issues.

“Security and the safety of our staff and prisoners are our top priority and we have invested over £3m in a new fire system, additional CCTV and improved security technology. We continually review the staffing levels at the prison and as a result have recruited an additional 37 staff. We welcome the MOJ’s decision to invest extra money to boost the number of frontline officers.

“We have worked closely with law enforcement agencies which have resulted in significant success in preventing prisoners’ frequent attempts of illegal activity.

“Rehabilitation of prisoners is key for us and since taking on the contract to run Northumberland we have doubled the number of prisoner hours spent in work, education and vocational skills training.

“We are committed to supporting  our staff who do a professional job in a very challenging and difficult environment.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there enough staff to run the prison safely?

Prisons are a challenging environment to manage. We continually review our staffing and procedures to ensure we maintain the safety and security of our prisoners, staff and visitors, which remains our absolute priority.

Since the contract commenced, we have recruited an additional 37 staff.


Has the security been reduced at the prison?

The prison is fully compliant with the national security standards.

We have made significant investments over and above contract requirements, including the investment of £3m in a new fire safety system, additional CCTV and improved security technology.


Is there a problem with drugs and mobile phones being smuggled into the prison?

Every prison faces challenges of prisoners trying to obtain illicit items, such as mobile phones. At HMP Northumberland we have worked hard to build strong partnerships with law enforcement agencies and have achieved significant successes in the battle to disrupt drug supply and illegal activity.


Is rehabilitation important to Sodexo?

In the justice sector, our mission is to change lives for the better. We aim to achieve this by working with our clients and partners to protect the public, helping to reduce crime by challenging offending behaviour and offering individuals the opportunity to change.

How is HMP Northumberland performing as a training/working prison?

It is a key aim for us to rehabilitate prisoners and to reduce re-offending. Since Sodexo took over, we have doubled the working hours for prisoners and significantly increased the numbers of prisoners who have access to work, education and vocational skills. We have worked with external organisations to provide positive, rehabilitative working opportunities and we also deliver a range of rehabilitative courses designed to help prisoners address their offending behaviour.


Is there an issue with violence in the prison?

The whole prison estate in England has seen a significant increase in violent incidents over the last few years. This has been well reported by the media and we work together with the Ministry of Justice who are developing system wide approaches to combat violence in prisons.


Do you report all incidents to the Ministry of Justice?

We have rigorous processes for reporting and managing incidents in the prison. We work closely with the on-site Ministry of Justice monitoring team and we report all incidents.


Do you run any other prisons in the UK?

We run four other prisons in the UK  which we designed, built and operate.  These are independently assessed and are amongst the most highly rated prisons in the UK.

Support for members of the public, such as friends or family members

You can make contact with the prison through the Safer Custody line.

Tel: 01670 383713

This line operates as an answerphone service, where messages are left for prison staff to access and take action. Please note that it may not be possible for immediate updates to be provided once a message has been left.

Support for our employees

Sodexo Supports Me is a free and confidential helpline which provides support on any issue.

Tel: 0800 072 7072