Tailored service

School children being served in a be... restaurantWe understand that every school is different and no one solution fits all. That’s why we work hard to ensure every service we offer is tailored to suit each school’s requirements.

We listen to our clients and gather feedback on how we’re doing so that we can continually improve the services we deliver.
We encourage feedback about our food from school councils and ask pupils to complete comment cards. We also send a formal review to each of our clients every term and hold an annual expectations meeting at each school.
Our teams can work with you to understand your specific needs and expectations at the start of your contract and review them annually, bring on board any changes you need.
Our chefs work with our clients to agree recipes every term, and we can develop recipes specifically for your school and your pupils with your budget in mind. It is only by listening to our clients’ needs and expectations, and acting on what we hear, that we can deliver a unique service that makes your pupils happy.

More services

Fresh food from scratch

We serve fresh and creative food that inspires, nourishes and maintains the health and wellbeing of pupils.

Dedicated team

We employ a team of dedicated and experienced people, who only operate in the independent schools market, so our specialist expertise is second to none.

Commercial support

We understand that our clients in the independent schools market are about much more than just term time meals – and that’s where we add real value.

What we do for... Abingdon School

Abingdon education service case studySodexo provides school meals for over 1,300 pupils and staff, day after day at Abingdon School and Abingdon Preparatory School, Oxfordshire.