In-home care

In-home care



Mealtime serves more than one purpose for the elderly. In addition to being a source of pleasure, it plays an important role in supporting medical treatment. Meals must therefore be suited to each individual’s needs and preferences, while also being adapted to respect relevant dietary limitations. Sodexo delivers Personal & Home Services to improve everyday life, helping individuals both at home and at work to enjoy a better, more balanced lifestyle.


Home Care

We all want to stay at home, to be in familiar surroundings and to be close to family and friends. This doesn’t change with age, even though our ability to stay independent does. Sodexo’s home care services make it possible for adults and older people to stay independent and at home.

Care services for greater autonomy

Home care services provide individuals with help in their everyday routines, including personal care & support, companionship and light housework. With a focus on doing things with individuals rather than for them, we help our clients have brighter, more fulfilling lives while keeping the family connected on what’s happening with their loved ones.

24 hours a day, seven days a week

Clients can use our services from 2 hours a day through to 24-hours, 7 days a week, and as we offer a fully flexible service, times can always be adjusted to suit each person’s needs.
With care solutions adapted to the needs of each individual we support, Sodexo ensures greater autonomy while helping our clients to have more comfortable and enjoyable lives.

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Nutrition, health and wellnessWe will develop and promote health and wellness solutions for our clients, consumers and employees in all the countries where we operate by 2015.


Healthy diets and relationships patients have with their loved ones, play a prominent role in improving the well-being of Alzheimer’s patients and can perhaps even slow down the evolution of the illness.