Cleaning services

Offer-Essence2Essence by Sodexo delivers a suite of cleaning offers to accommodate all our clients’ cleaning requirements delivers a suite of offers to accommodate all our clients’ cleaning requirements, regardless of the scale or industry setting of their business.

Examples of where we deliver our services include:

  • global headquarters

  • pharmaceutical production facilities

  • hospitals and healthcare establishments

  • residential care homes

  • primary schools

  • defence garrisons

  • call centres

  • conference centres

In addition to conventional office spaces, we also service high-risk, secure environments and public access areas to the required standard, typically:

  • healthcare facilities needing infection control

  • reducing health risks to asthmatic children through

  • targeted cleaning in schools

  • the cleaning of a state-of-the-art medical laboratory

  • meeting GLP standards

A robust operating model

Underpinning our cleaning offer is the Specification, Labour and Budget Model (SLBM) – a framework that enables us to create a cleaning package tailored to meet your individual needs.

hospital cleaning service 

Our SLBM is built on key performance indicators that demonstrate in a clear and measureable way whether or not our work is at the level it needs to be. Indicators can vary from the quantitative measurement of the cleanliness of an area to the qualitative analysis of client satisfaction surveys.

Measureable results

We understand that the results we deliver need to be visible and measurable, whether in the environmental underpinning or the competency of our cleaning staff.  By monitoring our input and measuring the tangible outputs, we demonstrate to our clients with complete transparency where we add value to their business.

Client-centered service

We encourage you to co-author your own contractual cleaning agreement with us.  While our focus is often dictated by the kind of working environment we are asked to operate, there are aspects of our client-centred cleaning offer that you will want to control – and we are flexible to do this. 

Whether your chief operating hours fall in the early morning, throughout the day, during the evening or at night, we schedule our servicing hours around your core business activities.

Our shared commitment to the environment

Our environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions are devised to meet the rising demand for cleaning services that respond to the ‘environmental conscience’ of today’s ethicallyminded business owners. 

We are working to minimise our impact on the environment by using our suppliers’ most up-to-date, cost-effective, environmentally friendly products, chemicals and processes, including:

  • micro fibre products

  • concentrated chemicals

  • ergonomically-designed, durable mopping systems

  • suction cleaners designed to retain micro-particles

  • and allergens

  • the introduction of central waste recycling stations

  • waste management audits

  • daylight cleaning, where possible, to reduce the need for lighting

  • optimised work patterns to reduce total labour and travel

Cleaning credentials

Our management and cleaning staff undergo specific training, much of which is validated by the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

Our basic skills training programme is supported by a suite of standard operating procedures and records of competence, giving us absolute confidence in the calibre of staff we deploy to your work premises. 

Compliance with science

All professional training of our cleaning staff is informed by current legislative guidance and will continue to be updated in accordance with legislative changes and any new regulatory requirements that ensue. 

Cleaning up

Of course, the business of cleaning applies to all businesses, not least our own. We create efficiencies between our cleaning and food offers, the obvious overlap being food preparation.

In fact, we employ our integrated expertise across our whole estate – that’s how confident we are about our cleaning methods.