Wasteful to Tasteful

Wasteful to Tasteful

In a time of perceived perfection, often the tastiest and most interesting fresh produce is cast aside and deemed unfit. In fact over 30% of UK crops never leave the farm!

Sodexo's Wasteful to Tasteful initiative is helping to rescue the Grade B fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Together with Ferryfast, a cooperative of farmers in Worcestershire, Sodexo supplies units with boxes of rescued produce to use in innovative ways and promote the power of plants.

Recipes written for seasonal produce

Generic recipes have been written for sites and chefs to adapt to the range of fruit and veg that will be arriving in the boxes. Marketing collateral has been created and supplied so key message can be displayed at sites to inform staff and customers of the initiative and the great environmental benefits.

The produce will be entirely of British origin and will therefore be subject to seasonal change. This will give the opportunity to be creative with the ingredients and use them in new and innovative ways. The products will not be as a replacement to any normal fresh produce orders, but as an addition. The internal Sodexo newsletter, The Weekly Breif, contains the proposed box contents, a week before delivery, to assist sites with menu planning.

In addition, the produce will be packed in recycled banana boxes thereby enforcing the environmental and social aspect of this initiative even further.

We will be championing this initiative at Innovation Days, trade shows and chef forums so there will be a constant stream of information regarding this project. Keep an eye out for updates!

Better Tomorrow 2025

Wasteful to Tasteful links to Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow 2025 strategy as well as complimenting other, already existing initiatives; Veg Pledge, the Mindful philosophy, Green and Lean and Waste Watch.

The supplier (Ferryfast based in Worcestershire) puts measures in place to make sure they do all they can in terms of sustainability and benefitting the environment. They install a clever system of channels which redirects rain water into a reservoir that is then used as the water source to water all the farm. They rotate crops every three years, giving the soil time to regenerate all the nutrients which have been lost in the growing process. All the produce grown at Ferryfast is done so under the LEAF kite mark meaning that there are strict rules about husbandry and growing that must be adhered to.

A better tomorrow 2025

Wasteful to Tasteful is an industry leading, exclusive initiative from Sodexo which differentiates us from our competitors, whilst delivering excellent quality produce to our chefs enabling them to make healthy and nutritious dishes for our staff and clients.