New improved menus

From the 1 October 2016 the price of core meals provided to service personnel has increased. The MOD has implemented this price increase across all sites and for all its service providers to improve the quality of core meals provided.  This increase provides Sodexo and other service providers with more money to spend on the ingredients used to produce the core meal options.  Sodexo does not make any profit from the provision of core meals and it will not make any profit from this price increase.


Complete review and refresh of menus

Sodexo new menu for military sitesSodexo regularly reviews its menus and has taken this opportunity to completely review and refresh its core meal range and other meal options.

A survey was carried out with our customers to understand their opinion of the existing menus and service.  The results of the survey and the additional money available to spend on the core meal range has enabled us to provide greater choice and improved quality in the food we offer.

New menus, more choice, better ingredients

New menu promotionOur new menus now includes up to 14 different choices all made with better ingredients.  The new menus include healthier breakfast alternatives; British Farm Assured sausages; only homemade soups; bigger portions of meat, poultry and fish; improved salad bar range; hot carvery (roast) served Sunday to Thursday as well as the introduction of a range of high street style dishes.

Sodexo is proud to support the UK’s Armed Forces and welcomes any feedback from its customers and encourage them to speak to our team on site or to log their feedback in the comments books and on the cards available in the dining rooms at every site.  Alternatively, customers can email or visit for more information.

Key facts

  • Sodexo’s catering teams work in partnership with military chefs to deliver approximately 40,000 meals a day to the British Armed Forces.
  • Across Sodexo’s entire Defence catering business approximately 10% of all Sodexo chefs are ex-military chefs and 15-20% are serving military personnel.
  • The Ministry of Defence has strict processes in place to guarantee the standard of food is monitored at all sites and Sodexo works closely with them to review all feedback received.
  • Sodexo has robust quality management procedures across all of its Defence sites underpinned by ISO9001 certification.
  • Sodexo is committed to providing on-going training in international food safety standards for all catering employees.
  • All Sodexo’s Defence dining facilities have been given five star or above food safety ratings from Environmental Health.
  • In the last year Sodexo had an environmental health, food health & safety audit rating of 93.5% ‘Green’, the highest level, on all Defence sites.


Count on us

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Nutritional Kcal and Kjoule information relating to the food served in Junior Ranks Diner.

Working with the Ministry of Defence for over 30 years

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We have been working with the Ministry of Defence since 1986 and provide a wide range of services to support British servicemen and women serving in the United Kingdom and overseas.