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The Importance of Theme Days

Published on : 2/7/24
Reading time : 5 min
  • Theme Days are an important tool. They create stand-out and added excitement from the day to day school food offer. Bringing different elements of the dining experience together such as decorations, clothing, food and drink, they are more memorable and exciting for pupils, creating a richer opportunity for engagement with our food offer at school.

    We believe regularly planned theme days increase pupil and client satisfaction by incorporating cultural or tropical dishes into the menus, which also provides a culinary learning opportunity; showcasing exciting dishes which encourage pupils and staff to try new flavours. Informed by insights, our goal is to deliver a customer centric initiative which provides value to pupils and clients alike.  

    Our Sodexo Schools teams across the country are committed to hosting at least one theme day per month, increasing pupil satisfaction.

    In a recent survey conducted by our marketing team, over 65% of primary and secondary school pupils have expressed a desire to see even more theme days, such is the popularity. Theme days are proving to be an effective way of boosting trial and participation of new menu items.

    Supported by our expert culinary team our theme day recipes are unique and innovative to capture the attention of pupils. With Spring term well under way we look forward to hosting plenty of exciting theme days in the coming months.

    Irmina Pala, Marketing Manager for Schools & Universities, said: “Hosting theme days helps us to demonstrate we are a partner that goes above and beyond to deliver the best food and drink experience for pupils and staff.”

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