Living and Learning Environment

Living and Learning Environment: An atmosphere that invites learning

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For an educational environment to support learning, it must first be physically comfortable and make students feel safe. It needs to be attractive to students and staff alike, and make communication between everyone on campus easy. Comfortable environments enhance the lives and learning abilities of all students, benefit the focus and dedication of faculty and staff, and help to attract prospective students.

Sodexo designs, manages and delivers innovative and comprehensive programs to improve the overall quality of a campus. These include landscaping, security, waste recycling, energy management, and more, all drawn from years of experience to optimize the students’ living and learning environment.


Campus mixes old and new to win students’ hearts

An international school was tasked with building a new campus to meet its growth objectives. Sodexo helped design facilities that combined modernity with traditional Chinese values and architecture. Our close collaboration with local architects ensured a winning design, and the students love their new surroundings. The campus is now a showcase and the envy of Asian international schools.

Innovation helps students breathe more freely

Innovation helps students breathe more freely

An international school in Beijing measured a PM2.5 value of 150 μg/m3, which is considerably higher than the standards set by the World Health Organization’s Air Quality Guidelines. While looking for solutions, the school turned to Sodexo for help. We set up an air quality project team to design and renovate the school’s buildings and sports domes. Sodexo took an unprecedented step in domestic educational institutions with the use of air filtration technology designed for other industries. We also partnered with the school and built up a Quality Service Team to manage the system on a daily basis. The school now describes its campus as having a “state-of-the-art air filtration system” and “the highest-standard air quality”. Both are deciding factors for parents concerned about their children’s health when they choose a school, and also play a large part in attracting first-rate teaching staff.




9th dow jones

Sodexo ranks top in 2014 Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for 10th consecutive year