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Private Patient Dining & Retail


Private Patient Dining & Retail

Drawing on our private healthcare experience and food heritage, we continually take a fresh look at how patient dining and food services are delivered to ensure they meet the high expectations of our guests.

What we do

We adapt our food offer to match requirements of each private healthcare site. Our patient-centric menus, feature culturally diverse comfort foods and are either prepared freshly by our chefs or use pre-prepared meals or components when best to do so. With food quality and bedside service at restaurant standards, our menus are regularly refreshed to appeal to a diverse range of tastes and tap into the latest food and dietary trends.


Our private healthcare retail solution is designed to compliment the overall guest experience. We carefully select brands and products ensuring they feature healthy options, global flavours and superfoods. We monitor consumer trends closely and quickly adapt as expectations evolve. Our customers - staff, visitors and patients are served in environments, and by teams, that focus on delivering a personalised guest service experience.

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Facilities management

Did you know that we also provide facilities management for hospitals?

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Property and technical services

We also provide complete management of all the services on both NHS and private hospital buildings.

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Sodexo has become a long term strategic partner within the healthcare industry.

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