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In Sodexo Justice, we aim to change lives for the better by reducing re-offending and risk of harm, and improving the quality of life of those in under our supervision and care.

We own and operate five prisons in England and Scotland, managing approximately 1400 prisoners in high and medium security facilities with a focus on reducing reoffending through rehabilitation.

We also own six Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs), supervising 20,000 offenders in the community and delivering effective offender management and rehabilitation services.

Changing lives for the better

We offer a range of rewarding jobs from prison and probation officers to nurses, tutors, engineers and office staff to help change lives for the better.

In addition to providing a custodial environment, our people support offenders to change their lives for the better by providing opportunities for purposeful activity and employment skills, education and rehabilitation support services.

We work towards creating a positive future for the people we work with – offenders, victims and their families, communities, partners and employees.


Ethical principles

Sodexo Justice Services operates under stringent ethical principles, and operates only in:

  • Democratic countries that do not have the death penalty.

  • Countries where our staff are not required to carry firearms.

  • Countries where the ultimate goal of incarceration is prisoner rehabilitation.

Prisons sustainability and rehabilitation project

Prisons sustainability and rehabilitation project

We are committed to helping prisoners change their lives for the better by providing them with meaningful activity while they serve their sentences and giving them skills to improve their chances of employment. A great example of this is our recent partnership with online retailer Ocado and social enterprise charity Hubbub to repurpose disused Ocado uniforms.

Our prisoners have been working on transforming old uniforms into aprons and tote bags which Ocado will sell for charity.

Not only does the partnership help raise funds for worthwhile causes, it also stops these uniforms heading to landfill. With over 15,000 tonnes of corporate uniforms being sent to landfill or incineration every year, it’s a project with significant environmental benefits, enabling our prisoners to contribute something positive to their communities.

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