Green & Lean

Green & Lean


Tasty and sustainable meals

We have created a family of sustainable meals that combine nutrition, sustainability and Better Tomorrow Plan commitments – these meals taste good, are good for you and for the environment.  All of the sustainable meals will follow four main principles:

Balanced - made up for 2/3 vegetables, pulses and grains

  • Meat is no more than a third of each meal

Sourced responsibly

  • Fruits and vegetables are seasonal
  • Meat and fish are certified and sustainable

Crafted with healthier ingredients

  • All grains are wholegrains
  • Sugar and salt are added sparingly

Commercially viable

  • Kitchen and plate waste are minimised
  • Sustianable meals come at no extra cost

By adopting these principles, we believe our chefs can create meals that are balanced, healthy, nutritious, sustainable, innovative and delicious, impacting positively on the health of people and the planet.

To hear more about the principles and the issues we are trying to address, take a look at our animation film below:

Progress to date

During the academic year of 2015 we piloted a set of 10 Green & Lean meals in 8 independent schools over a two month period.  From this experience we learned how to prepare the new meals, which were all adapted from existing recipes, and how to ensure that a reduced quantity of meat didn’t result in a less tasty meal.  We also learned how to market and communicate the Green & Lean message and how to ensure that the changes we made didn’t compromise their appeal. From November 2016 we will be delivering Green & Lean meals to all of our independent schools in Great Britain and will be monitoring the demand for the meals and using the volumes produced to track their carbon footprint.

WWF and Sodexo partnership


Sodexo and WWF are working together in the UK to become leaders in creating healier food options whilst reducing the environmental impact of our consumption. Through the partnership we have also agreed a global carbon reduction target of 34% for Sodexo as part of our Better Tomorrow Plan commitments.

As a conservation charity WWF recognises that food is at the heart of many of the world’s most important environmental issues. Growing, producing and importing food contributes substantially to climate change. It is also a driving force behind habitat and biodiversity loss and is a huge drain on water resources. WWF is striving to tackle these challenges by helping develop more sustainable food systems, focusing on both food production and consumption.

Sodexo’s core goal; to improve the quality of life of clients and customers alongside commitments to environmental, community and health and wellbeing targets, aligns well with WWF’s approach to food sustainability. This partnership brings together WWF’s technical knowledge with Sodexo commitment to people and planet.

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