Payroll Giving – For Sodexo employees


Did you know that one in seven children in the UK goes to school every day without breakfast? Hunger and malnutrition is a major issue globally, but also closer to home.

Stop Hunger logoStop Hunger is a Sodexo initiative tackling hunger and malnutrition and, in the UK and Ireland, it is managed through the Sodexo Foundation

How can I help?

Payroll-Giving-IconThere are a number of ways you can support Stop Hunger, but as an employee of Sodexo, payroll giving gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

Through our payroll giving scheme, you can contribute monthly from your salary before tax. That means if you commit to £1 a month, it will only cost you 80p. What’s more, Sodexo will contribute 50p for every £1, up to a cap of £25,000, so for every 80p it costs you; Stop Hunger would get £1.50!

If everyone gave just £1 a month, we could raise well over £400k in a single year. Add that to our current fundraising and we would nearly reach our target of £1m a year!


Start donating now

Ok, so your convinced.  Well, just complete the Charities Trust Sodexo payroll giving web form and fill in your details.


Don’t forget you will need:

  1. To add your Employee number

  2. To add your Segment name

  3. To select ‘Standard Payroll Giving’

  4. To select Stop Hunger as your nominated charity*

*please note you can payroll give to any charity of your choice and this will be an effective tax efficient gift, however the additional corporate donation of 50p to the £1 will only apply to donations to the Stop Hunger charity. 


What charities does Stop Hunger support?


All money raised in the UK and Ireland goes to local charities, including:

blue-arrow Action for Kids - helping young people with learning difficulties to cook 

blue-arrow  Coram – educating children about the nutritious content of food

blue-arrow  BrendonCare Club – helping older people living in isolation to prepare food

blue-arrow  Fareshare – ensuring edible, perishable food goes to shelters that need it rather than to landfill

blue-arrow  SSAFA – providing practical support and assistance to servicemen and women, veterans, and their families.