How Britain works: Key Trends in a Workplace Environment

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Sodexo commissioned the report ‘How Britain works’ to understand the continuously evolving and adapting workplace environment in the UK today.

As an employer of 35,000 people in the UK and Ireland interacting with clients in 2,300 locations, Sodexo is committed to improving the quality of life for its employees, clients, stakeholders and people where it operates.

The report uses an integrated approach across both qualitative and quantitative methods in order to understand and highlight the trends that are affecting the workplace of the future.

Focusing on three areas - social, people and space trends - the report shows how the rise of technology, both personally and commercially, is not the only factor having an influential effect on how we work.

Watch the video foreword from the report featuring Tim Oldman, managing director, Leesman Index.

Report overview

Social trends show the composition of the workforce is changing. While there are more baby boomers in the workplace, the demands and technology of younger employees have a significant influence on how organisations operate.

At the same time more women are occupying senior management roles, with positive results on productivity. A greater emphasis on health and wellbeing mean companies offering employees active and healthy options in the workplace see them more engaged.

People trends show more employees view their work and life as one. Companies supporting employees with flexible working patterns and technology to work anywhere anytime will see a happier, more productive workforce, particularly if allowed to manage their personal lives during traditional office hours. Employees judged on output rather than hours worked are more productive.

Space trends show organisations, offering the well-designed, shared workspaces and practices which encourage employees to communicate more, will attract and retain talent better.

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How Britain works

workplace-trends-brochure‘Key trends in a workplace environment’ was commissioned by Sodexo in 2013 to understand the continuously evolving and adapting trends in the UK workplace.