Cleaning and accommodation services

Cleaners at Super DinerWe deliver comprehensive cleaning solutions for offices, living accommodation, windows and laundry, as well as specialist cleaning for areas such as medical centres and swimming pools to meet the needs of our military customers. 

Sodexo Logistics

Sodexo Logistics has also been providing accommodation services to the Armed Forces and their families for over 15 years.

We have experience and knowledge of working at all military authority levels, from minor units up to brigade or divisional areas across the UK.

We have developed IT systems to manage utilities, finances, procurement and warehouse functions which also provide our clients with excellent visibility of all account data quickly and accurately. We implement rigorous defence accommodation stores validation controls in accordance with MOD accounting procedures.

Sodexo Logistics provides accommodation services to over 14,000 service families accommodation houses and also provides technical support services to 33,000 single living accommodation rooms whilst constantly working hand in hand with unit quartermasters or their equivalents. We also provide a dedicated centralised accommodation booking service.

We also manage the validation of energy consumption and tariffs, invoices and payment approval in compliance with MOD regulations, processing in excess of 40,000 bills per year.

More services

Find out about our transport services

We provide comprehensive logistic solutions to our military clients, including reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible transport solutions.

Find out about our quartermaster services

Our professionally qualified and trained stores teams deliver all aspects of individual unit and Garrison centralised quartermaster services to the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

Find out about our security services

Sodexo SECURE delivers a full range of services to meet the MOD’s stringent security requirements.

Recycling in Catterick Garrison


The new Catterick Garrison Recycling Centre at North Park is managed by GPT on behalf of Sodexo Defence and has enabled the Garrison to maximise its recycling efforts in line with MOD environmental targets and our own Better Tomorrow Plan.

It also allows the MOD to reap the financial rewards from the rebate value, which are in turn used to offset the running costs of the facility.

Essence by Sodexo delivers a suite of cleaning offers to accommodate all our clients’ cleaning requirements, regardless of the scale or industry setting of their business.