Deployment services

defense uniform handed downWe provide services, such as the issue of operational clothing and equipment that support military units whilst they are preparing to deploy on operations. 

16 Air Assault Brigade’s deployment
In preparation for 16 Air Assault Brigade’s six month deployment on Operation Herrick in Afghanistan from Colchester Garrison, all units required a full issue of operational clothing, weapons and equipment from both within the MOD and from civilian suppliers.

Colchester central quartermaster stores, managed by Sodexo Logistics successfully equipped over 3,000 paratroopers and supporting troops with over 312,000 individual pieces of procured equipment. This was managed within an extremely challenging timeframe due to the procurement process required for newly developed equipment coming straight from the production line and the sheer volume and weight of the remaining clothing and stores.

The Sodexo team placed demands for, delivered, accounted for and issued 60 pallets of specialist combat body armour, ballistic glasses and combat goggles required for immediate issue, followed by over a further 600 pallets of equipment. This included 9,000 pairs of boots of different types and sizes,15,000 pairs of socks,12,000 pairs of underpants, 3,000 ammunition grab bags and 6,000 pairs of combat gloves.

Up to 300 soldiers a day passed through Sodexo’s central quartermaster stores to be issued with their operational clothing and equipment.

More services

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We provide a wide range of services to British Forces personnel serving in Cyprus and also to troops during ‘decompression’  following an operational tour.

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When a military unit deploys, we work hard to make life as easy as possible for the service families left behind; from families’ lunches and fun days to facilitating video links to loved ones in Afghanistan.

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We help to provide welfare support to service personnel, service families and veterans through a variety of service charities, including SSAFA Forces Help, Combat Stress and the three service Families Federations.

WO1 (SSM) R Allsopp, Garrison Ordnance Warrant Officer, Colchester Garrison

“Sodexo Defence’s central quartermaster stores teams at Colchester were the key to the
successful and timely deployment of over 3,000 Service personnel of 16 Air Assault Brigade on operations in Afghanistan.

Their team spirit, dedication and sheer professionalism in delivering what can only be described as a ‘Quartermasters’ service second to none’ deserves full recognition.”