Joint civilian/military team

Chef trainingOur teams work closely in partnership with military chefs and managers, known as core catering manpower or CCM.

We offer our CCM colleagues valuable commercial experience and the possibility of working at private functions as an employee of Sodexo.

Military chefs are needed within the Armed Forces to deploy on operations and training exercises.

When military units are located in bases within the UK and Cyprus, these same chefs join the Sodexo team to provide catering services to the Defence Community within that base.

We value our military colleagues highly and welcome them to the Defence team. We understand that a strong partnering relationship is needed between Sodexo and our military colleagues to provide effective quality of life services to the Defence Community and offering joint training and craft development opportunities help to foster this.

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We offer an ongoing programme of effective, relevant training and structured personal development.

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We are committed to promoting the development of culinary craft skills’ as shown on the other pages in Continuous improvement.

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