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Service family at tableWe understand the importance of effective teamwork and how sport helps in its development, which is why we are committed to the success of military sport. As part of our commitment to support the entire Defence community, Sodexo supports a wide range of service charities, military sports and offer armed forces discounts.

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Find out about our deployment services

We provide services, such as the issue of operational clothing and equipment that support military units whilst they are preparing to deploy on operations.

Find out about our decompression services

We provide a wide range of services to British Forces personnel serving in Cyprus and also to troops during ‘decompression’  following an operational tour.

Find out about how we support service families

When a military unit deploys, we work hard to make life as easy as possible for the service families left behind; from families’ lunches and fun days to facilitating video links to loved ones in Afghanistan.

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