Supporting service families

Service Family OutsideWhen a  military unit deploys overseas we work hard to make life as easy as possible for the service families left behind; from families’ lunches  and fun days to facilitating video links to loved ones in Afghanistan.

‘Sow It, Grow It, Cook It, Eat It’ project
One way we support service children is through schools local to the military bases where we provide quality of life services with our ‘Sow It, Grow It, Cook It, Eat It’ project.

At the start of each sub-project, seeds and any other items required to set up the garden are provided by the team with a small financial contribution. Practical help with digging, making raised beds and any other manual work that may be required is then given, but the children sow the seeds themselves, nurture them and watch them grow. Some of the produce grown  by the children is used  by our chefs in cookery demonstrations and tastings  along with a talk about healthy eating.

The latest ‘‘Sow It, Grow It, Cook It, Eat It’ garden to be established is at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court, where injured Service personnel, currently predominantly those wounded on operations in Afghanistan, are rehabilitated. Southern Region volunteers are working with the children of the military personnel based there.

More services


Find out about our deployment services

We provide services, such as the issue of operational clothing and equipment that support military units whilst they are preparing to deploy on operations.

Find out about our decompression services

We provide a wide range of services to British Forces personnel serving in Cyprus and also to troops during ‘decompression’  following an operational tour.

Find out about our military charity support

We help to provide welfare support to service personnel, service families and veterans through a variety of service charities, including SSAFA Forces Help, Combat Stress and the three service Families Federations.

Building greenhouses from plastic bottles


Our Defence team supports a number of environmentally friendly initiatives as part of our Sow It, Grow It, Cook It, Eat It’ campaign, for example the building of sustainable greenhouses such as the one at Bedenham School, Gosport where the Sodexo team helped to build an eco-friendly greenhouse out of 1,500 empty two litre plastic bottles.