Safety first! The only number that counts is zero

Safety first! The only number that counts is zero

We rely on our network of Quality, Health and Safety specialists throughout the world.

In 2012 our network of 150 HSE professionals provided 335,000 hours of internal training.

Global safety standards

Sodexo Quality, Health and Safety standards are compliant with country and industry regulations. Our global support structure implements standardised reporting to track accurate Quality, Health and Safety metrics all over the world to identify actions to prevent future incidents.

Quality of Life on board for a safer workforce

In spite of all the necessary controls and protections that the industry has introduced to reach the best HSE standards, it is acknowledged that incidents due to human behaviours still occur.

One of our objectives is to understand and address human factors in safety performance.



EI Award November 2015, London

Congratulations to Karen McCombie, who won the 2015 Energy Institute Safety Award, recognising her hard work towards enhancing the industry’s safety record. Safety is a board-level priority for the energy sector and remains high on the agenda for the future of our industry. We were delighted that the importance of safety at Sodexo was recognised in this way.

Industry Safety Award29 April 2015, Aberdeen
Karen McCombie won the UK Oil & Gas Industry Safety Award for Safety Representative of the Year. This award recognises an enthusiastic and committed safety representative who is driving the safety agenda at their worksite.


Remote cHeRries Blossoming Award4 June 2015, Aberdeen
Marie Linderoth (Sodexo’s HR Operational Support Officer) won the 2015 cHeRries Blossoming Award at Scotland’s premier awards ceremony celebrating excellence in HR, Recruitment & Training. She was recognised for her caring and proficient work ethic and its impact on organisational morale and business performance.  

This outstanding achievement provides a visible sign to our stakeholders that we continue to hold the management and development of our people in the highest priority.

British Safety Council

BSC ISA winner

Sodexo was awarded the newly introduced Sector Award for the Hotel, Catering & Hospitality industry by the British Safety Council. We also won the International Safety Award for the 16th consecutive year, in recognition for our health and safety management systems.