Business support services

Business support services

Sodexo leads the way in creating added value by integrating the management and delivery of a widening range of services such as reception, security, helpdesk, mailroom, handyman, reprographics and porterage. Services that are vital to your effective day-to-day operations.

You can rely on Sodexo to provide everything from friendly and helpful personnel on your switchboard to highly trained health and safety experts – expertise that lets you focus on your core business. 

You benefit through:

  • Improved cashflow and administration

  • Enhanced financial flexibility

  • Minimised risk

  • Cost savings

  • HSE culture

  • Improved profitability

  • Proven & credible performance standards

More services


Camp design and construction

We design and build camps to receive hundreds of employees in remote areas, often under harsh conditions.

Facilities management

We deliver essential services under extreme conditions, including housing, transportation, camp maintenance, etc.

Waste management

We provide state of the art environmental services for your project, from waste management to water treatment and energy management.

Find out about our maintenance and technical services for remote sites

We self-perform most of our technical (hard) services, which simplifies the management of services, increasing our control and providing better value.

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Outsourcing experts

Brochure About SodexoWe can design and propose specific added value solutions to answer your evolving needs.