Client-centric Onshore Service Provision

Sodexo’s more than 50 years of experience and insight enrich our understanding of energy clients’ industry-specific challenges, as well as their employees’ Quality of Life expectations. This is the case in a wide range of environments such as offices, terminals, refineries, petrochemical plants, power generation and industrial plants.

Simplifying the On-site Experience

Fostering a strong performance culture where everything flows smoothly is crucial to Quality of Life. All of our services are designed to simplify the on-site experience of those we serve.

We deliver more than 100 services to clients, including food services, cleaning, hygiene & waste management, space planning & office reconfigurations, mail & distribution, building maintenance, security, helpdesk & reception, grounds maintenance and transport.  In a world of accelerating change, these human environments contribute significantly to our clients success.

Adding Value

Energy companies want to attract and retain the best talent; our mission to provide services that improve Quality of Life helps achieve this.   By designing and delivering services which have a positive impact on wellbeing, our consumers have a greater sense of fulfilment in their working lives.  Clients recognise that this sets us apart from other providers. 

Taking An Innovative Approach to Workplace Design

Our clients are competitive and innovative, achieving success through empowering environments, the best technology and remarkable people.  The workplace is a big enabler to them reaching strategic goals, with people being key.  Sodexo is proud to be able to leverage its expertise and demonstrate how facilities management can drive better performance.


Using consumer data and insight to make a tangible difference to the workplace experience
Benchmarking performance and driving greater ease and efficiency
Levering global expertise to create value for our clients

Day-to-Day Support and Safety

Well-designed, well-maintained facilities are essential to ensure that client employees feel safe, comfortable and engaged. Health & Safety is fundamental and an absolute priority.  Our empowered teams deliver programmes encompassing nutrition, physical and recreational activities helping to counter absenteeism, reduce staff turnover, accidents, productivity loss and costly health care expenditure.  Local communities also benefit from our responsible approach.

Our Onshore Energy Clients

We work for more than 20 major energy companies in the UK, at multiple sites.