Developing local communities

Developing local communities

Sodexo actively supports the economic development of local communities through such initiatives as training, environmental solutions and sustainable sourcing.


We secure around 750 places a year on specialist offshore training courses for our people.  These are delivered by local Aberdeen firms, to a total value of £295K.  What a great example of our ongoing commitment to business growth in the Aberdeen area.

Environmental solutions

We have reduced the amount of chemicals used and packaging.  We use bio-degradable garbage bags.  And by replacing polystyrene cups with reusable thermal mugs, the following cost savings have been realised:

  • Purchase cost of cups and lids eliminated

  • Reduced transportation and container costs

  • Reduced usage of disposal and compactor bags

  • Reduced volume of refuse shipped to landfills

  • Reduce cost of landfill charges

Sustainable sourcing

We support the creation of sustainable supply chains and prefer locally grown, seasonal produce and seafood. Our commitment extends beyond foodstuffs to include other locally produced items such as linens, furniture, etc.

We require all of our key suppliers to sign up to the Sodexo Supplier Code of Conduct that sets out Sodexo’s desire to do business with suppliers who conduct their activities based on responsible ethical, social and environmental practices.  We also actively work with our supplier base to minimise their impact on the environment, which includes: packaging minimisation, delivery consolidation and product reformulation.

A real commitment to the Aberdeen community

Earlier this year, we dedicated some time and technical expertise to support Somebody Cares – the biggest charity providing food, furniture, household goods, clothing and much more for the poor, the marginalised and the vulnerable people of Aberdeen.

Our volunteers repaired and painted the exterior of the charity’s city centre warehouse.

Brian Taylor from Somebody Cares thanked us for our donation, explaining that it ‘will be a huge help as we respond to Aberdonians with urgent and often desperate needs – making a real and lasting difference in their lives.’

We are very proud of our employees, whose commitment demonstrates our support to the Aberdeen community.

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