hospital admission serviceOur switchboard services are designed to be personalised and professional and tailored to your specific demands.

Whether this is incorporating the relevant languages or cultural needs or aligning the way we greet people with your strategy, we always make sure that, as the “face of the Trust”, we personalise in the most appropriate fashion.

This service, as with many, is about people and technology. We use the latest software to route and direct calls and requests efficiently.

We also makes sure that our operatives really know how to greet, treat and help people in this very sensitive environment.

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Car parking and traffic management

Car parking at many of our clients’ sites is a challenge that is forever increasing – and it has a direct impact on the experience of your staff, visitors and patients.


We deliver a combination of high street and in-house brands. We design and deliver solutions, according to the size and population of your site, that are always aligned with modern tastes.


In most cases we run our full range of services through a single helpdesk call point.


We operate the full range of security services, both manned and unmanned, with all of our operatives holding SIA licences.

Grounds and gardens

As a full member of the British Association of Landscape Industries, our dedicated Horticultural Services business is a centre of excellence within Sodexo, delivering services at over 1,400 sites in the UK.

Reception and concierge

Our front-of-house services are built on our knowledge of the way healthcare organisations run and the specific demands of the patients they serve.

Waste management

Our total waste management strategy centres on guaranteed legal compliance, supporting your sustainability strategy, helping you drive cost savings and generate accurate reporting.

Procurement support

We can provide a range of procurement support and be directly involved in your procurement processes, providing expertise and value.

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