What we do & why

Our Experience

We are pioneers of privatised prison management and offender rehabilitation services.

Values and Ethical Purpose

We observe stringent ethical principles and operate custodial services only in democratic countries that do not have the death penalty and where the ultimate goal of imprisonment is prisoner rehabilitation. Our strongly held business values and ethics make us compatible with government principles of fairness, transparency, accountability and diversity in the delivery of public services.

Focus on Rehabilitation

Our teams focus on providing prisoners with the life skills, work experience, education and accommodation on release to help equip them to successfully integrate into society. We are committed to the design and practice of more effective rehabilitation. We share our proven methods that address root causes of offending across all our operations.

Flexible Partnerships

We combine our commitment to self-delivering the vast majority of our services, with a long tradition of forming successful partnerships with the voluntary and community sector, public sector, and small and medium enterprises to harness all knowledge and skills that will provide the optimum opportunities for offenders, both in our care and on release, supported by a tailored through the gate service.

Innovation for Greater Efficiency

We are committed to continuous innovation in service delivery and design, in order to deliver better for less. Our global multi-sector presence gives us maximum exposure to different markets and ways of doing things. This enables us to transfer new ideas and best practice across our organisation, to optimise efficiency and effectiveness.