Food provenance

We are an environmentally-conscious and ethically-aware business. At Sodexo Sports and Leisure, we believe that the food we create is only as good as its ingredients.  Our approach to food sourcing focuses on sustainability, seasonality and provenance, and is guaranteed through certifications by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the Red Tractor scheme, Freedom Food and Fairtrade.  We work closely with our producers and suppliers to ensure they echo our beliefs.

Case Study: Glasgow 2014

At Hampden Park, the Athletics venue for the Games, the team provided all the catering for the public, staff and hospitality. Sodexo ran 46 kiosks serving a variety range of street food, snacks and drinks. During the eleven sessions at Hampden Park the kiosks served 360,000 spectators, who consumed an estimated 33,000 locally sourced burgers, 31,000 servings of street food, 105,000 bottles of Scottish water/soft drinks and 102,000 bottles of Heineken.

Working within the ground-breaking Glasgow 2014 Food Charter, Sodexo played its part in ensuring the food served at the Games was sustainably and ethically sourced as well as being fully traceable from farm to fork. Sustainability is at the core of what both Glasgow 2014 and Sodexo do and, through Sodexo’s existing relationship with Scotland Food and Drink, the company was able to further strengthen its supplier relationships and extend the number of Scottish products in its supply chain.

Throughout the Games, Sodexo’s menus showcased a wide range of Scottish products. Fresh products from Scotland were served whenever possible and included milk, cream, yoghurt, speciality cheeses, bread, salmon, beef, lamb, venison, poultry, eggs, potatoes, raspberries and strawberries.  In total, close to 90 tonnes of food they served at the Games was produced in Scotland.


The 146th Open at Royal Birkdale

As the official caterers of The Open, we have over 20 producers creating outstanding culinary offerings at Royal Birkdale which will demonstrate the rich diversity of Britain's natural larder.

The R&A and Sodexo ensure the food served at The Open is sustainably and ethically sourced as well as being fully traceable from farm to fork.  From serving spectators and patrons to the players from around the world, Sodexo helps display the best in produce throughout The Open.