Introducing President to President

Sodexo’s Universities business in USA has brought together university presidents from ten US universities to share their perspectives on the challenges faced in higher education.

This year’s series, titled “How Disruptive Innovation is Shaping the Next-Gen Campus and Enabling Student Success,” focuses on how institutions are innovating in order to secure the future and ensure positive business outcomes, all while enhancing the student experience on campus.

In his foreword, Tim Goral says:

Remember the days when higher education was about, well, education? It still is, of course, but it's so much more. For today's college presidents, it's about endless fundraising. It's about research. It's about social issues. It's about technology. It's about innovation. It's about change.

The President to President series offers insights from leaders of institutions that are driving—and thriving from—these changes. Sponsored by Sodexo and produced under the guidance of editors Marylouise Fennell and Scott Miller, the series is more than a collection of essays. It's straight-talk conversation from presidents to their peers and advice from people who have met a challenge and want to share what they have learned.

It's about making education more accessible and affordable. It's about becoming active participants in shaping the policies and regulations that govern our institutions. It's about respecting the past while building for tomorrow. It's about social justice on campus and in the community. Above all, it's about gaining optimism for the future.

Popular articles include:

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