About us

Established in 1994 we now supply over 2 million meals direct to customers’ homes each year. We offer you complete flexibility in your choice of meals with an individual menu chosen by each customer.

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Our drivers provide more than just a home meal delivery service, as they are individually trained in food safety, customer welfare and are all DBS security checked.

We care about the customers we serve

Our drivers carry out a daily ‘safe & well’ check.  Drivers will:

  • Ask customers how they are feeling and if anything is worrying them.

  • Look to see if they appear unwell or if they notice any deterioration in the customer or if they seem more confused than normal.

Sodexo will provide feedback to next of Kin and/or Adult Social Care if they have any concerns about customers.  We will also alert Next of Kin and/or Adult Care of any ‘no answers’ should a customer fail to answer the door after carrying out a check procedure.

Your health and safety matters

Drivers will:

  • Check whether the environmental state of the accommodation they are visiting is adequate and asks if customer is warm enough reporting back any issues or concerns.

  • Where required open the meal container and plate meal, make sure that the customer has a drink and cutlery available and, if necessary, help them to be seated to enjoy their lunch.

Supporting Social Care aims

Sodexo are providing a service that supports Social Care aims to:

  • Improve public health and wellbeing by ensuring that people receive the support they need to retain and maintain their independence.

  • Ensure that all citizens, communities and service providers work together to ensure that everyone has access to the advice information and support they need to live independently and live safely.


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