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You can choose from a wide range of high quality, tasty meals and desserts which are nutritionally balanced and analysed for our customers.

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We offer a range of dishes with simple dietary codes (see guide below) for regular and common special dietary requirements.

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*A buffet bag delivered with your lunch containing three items – a sandwich, a cake and a fruit pot

Dietary options

Use this guide of the different dietary options to help you make your meal choices:

  • Balanced Choice (BC) - These meals are suitable for people trying to follow a balanced and healthier diet and are particularly suitable for those with diabetes. These meals contain relatively low amounts of fat, sugar and salt and are moderate in calorie content. Hence they are also suitable for people who have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or who are overweight.

  • Energy Dense (ED) - Suitable for people who would benefit from gaining weight or who struggle to finish all of their meals. These dishes contain a higher than average calorie content. They are particularly suitable for people who are underweight or have a small appetite.

  • Gluten Free (GF) - Suitable for people who need to avoid gluten in their meals and particularly suitable for people with Coeliac disease.

  • Soft (S) - These meals are suitable for people with simple chewing difficulties or those who tire easily when eating. These dishes are easier to chew and can be mashed down if required with the back of a fork. They are typically soft or moist and can be served in small pieces.

  • Vegetarian (V) - Suitable for a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, where milk eggs and their derivatives are still consumed. The meals exclude all meat poultry, fish and ingredients derived from these items e.g. gelatine and animal rennet.

Ethnic Meal Choices
Sodexo also offer a range of ethnic/cultural meals including Asian, Halal, Asian Vegetarian, Afro-Caribbean and Kosher. If you require a special diet not included in our menus then please contact your local office for alternative options and prices. If you have any questions about the dietary suitability of the dishes please contact your local office.


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Diabetes UK recommends that people with diabetes should follow a low-fat healthy balanced diet so as to manage their weight and control blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Our Balanced Choice (BC) meals are suitable for people trying to follow a balanced and healthier diet and are particularly suitable for those with diabetes.