About us

Established in 1994 we now supply over 2 million meals direct to customers’ homes each year. We offer you complete flexibility in your choice of meals with an individual menu chosen by each customer.

Chilli con-carne with peas

Sodexo Home Service is setting new quality standards for both hot and frozen home delivered meals.

  • Our uniformed drivers are carefully selected to provide a friendly and professional service.

  • Daily hot meals are delivered directly to homes within a special delivery lunch time period.

  • We operate our own fleet of specially designed vehicles, ensuring consistent quality.

Healthy, well balanced meals

All of our meals are nutritionally analysed and all are suitable for people trying to follow a balanced and healthier diet and are particularly suitable for those with diabetes.

More than just a meal delivery service

Our drivers provide more than just a meal delivery service, as they are individually trained in food safety,  customer welfare and are all DBS security checked.  They have been trained to look out for any changes to the physical or mental wellbeing of the meal recipients notifying any concerns around their health or environment to either Social Services or their next of kin.