Award winning mobilisation

Published on : 10/13/20
  • The University of Greenwich supported by Sodexo and consultants Gardiner & Theobald won the 2020 IWFM Covid-19 Response award for Adapting to new Realities for the successful mobilisation of a new IFM contract which saw a fundamental change to the way FM is delivered across the University’s estate, involving more than 150 suppliers and focuses on social and added value.

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    In February 2020 the University of Greenwich, supported by consultants Gardiner & Theobald (G&T), awarded an Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) contract to Sodexo. 

    This new contract represented a fundamental change to the way FM is delivered across the university’s multi-site and historically rich estate, bringing together over 150 suppliers focusing on social and added value.

    Five weeks into a three-month intensive mobilisation programme, the University went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Pausing the mobilisation or delaying the contract start was never an option; the University, Sodexo and G&T made a concerted effort to continue despite the challenges and unknowns ahead due to the value this new contract will unlock for staff, students and local communities.

    The new IFM contract went live on 18 May 2020 with all service lines and all staff transferring to Sodexo as planned. 

    The determination, creativity, and unwavering commitment to people and safety shown by this partnership was recognised at the 2020 IWFM awards, where the team won the Covid-19 response award for adapting to new realities. 

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