Digital & Innovation

Our goal isn’t only to improve the performance of your business. We’re always looking to leverage technology to reach sustainability goals and drive innovation with a positive impact. Think about the last time you stood in line, ordered a meal, or organized a meeting. How our client and consumers interface with technology has a major impact on their quality of life. And, improving the quality of life for all those we serve, is Sodexo’s mission.​

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Leading-Edge Solutions

In a continuous effort to offer fresh and seamless services to our clients and consumers, we stay informed on the latest digital trends, identify emerging technologies early-on, and leverage the latest tools and solutions.

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A Powerful Culture of Innovation

We’ve built a powerful culture of innovation across our organization, where every employee can feel empowered to add value to our client relationships through co-innovation.

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A Team of Data Experts

Our team of data experts allows us to deliver exceptional services and experiences to clients and consumers.

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A Global Startup Ecosystem

We’ve built win-win relationships with startups around the world and are thus able to offer our clients a wide innovation playground.

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