Sodexo Energy & Resources has revamped its offer to provide a best-in-class experience for offshore workers.

The offshore workforce is changing, and labour competition is fierce. Sodexo is committed to supporting its clients as they strive to attract and retain talent in an increasingly challenging market.

There is no mistaking that life's tough for people working in isolated, extreme environments. Sodexo understands this and is addressing the challenges faced with value-driven solutions that are transforming the industry across the world. 

Taking insight from its 2023 Global Offshore Consumer Survey, Sodexo has recently re-launched its Offshore Living offer. 

Designed around four key elements, Offshore Living provides true offshore hospitality with outstanding food in spotlessly clean, modernised living spaces supported by globally recognised safety programmes. In addition, they also provide other expert value-added services enabling clients to focus on their core operations.

The global survey revealed that the over 16,000 respondents rated Sodexo’s offshore food services at 4.4 out of 5 in terms of overall satisfaction, the taste of the food, the variety of food and the healthy options offered, UK respondents scored 4.5 out of 5 for Sodexo’s food services. 

To enhance the food services on offshore installations Sodexo is introducing Savour supported by its Kitchen Works Co. offer.  The new menus have been developed taking into account the offshore worker profile and Sodexo’s deep understanding of the latest food trends, to ensure offshore workers are able to refuel, recharge and regroup. The wide range of dishes includes global flavours, familiar favourites, healthier and sustainable options all using quality ingredients, locally sourced. Each dish is accompanied by the calorific and allergens information.

Local suppliers have always played a major part in Sodexo’s food service and continue to be a core element with Scottish suppliers providing a wide range of products and produce.

By introducing the sophisticated management systems behind Kitchen Works Co. Sodexo’s skilled culinary teams will have a bank of over 2,000 recipes and, therefore, will be able to spend less time on administrative tasks allowing them to focus on service delivery and delicious, nutritious meals.  

With sustainability a key concern for many, individuals and organisations alike, Sodexo is also rolling out its food waste management programme, WasteWatch and introducing carbon-labelled menus using Eaternity.

Ed Morrow, managing director, Sodexo Energy & Resources UK & Ireland explains:

We have always focussed on delivering the highest standard for our offshore clients to provide outstanding service to their workforce who operate in challenging environments.

We have taken feedback from our existing customer base and used this to improve and enhance the services we deliver.

The biggest change we have made is to focus on our new food offer which brings an updated and more extensive range of meals supported by new tools and systems allowing our teams to focus on creating outstanding food experiences.

The Comfort element of Offshore Living improves the offshore experience with a focus on creating a home away from home with cabin cleaning, housekeeping and laundry delivered beyond visibly clean. 

This is delivered through new and improved cleaning regimes based on Sodexo’s high standards and global practices using planet-friendly products and investment in the latest cleaning equipment. 

The use of Sodexo’s sophisticated site management system technology ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the services delivered. In addition to food services and cleaning Sodexo can provide a number of additional services that allow clients to focus on their critical operations:

Technical maintenance: asset management, reactive and planned maintenance and a range of ad-hoc projects for living quarters, common areas and the galley.

Heli-admin and radio services: Sodexo employs specialists experienced in managing helicopter traffic to and from installations safely.

Refurbishments: Many offshore facilities are ageing and in need of improvement and modernisation. Sodexo is an expert in delivering refurbishment projects and has successfully undertaken projects that have improved the lived experience of the offshore workforce.  Working closely with clients Sodexo can deliver refurbishment projects with minimal disruption creating spaces that support and energise people on board and improving crew satisfaction.
Waste management: Every installation generates waste. Sodexo’s waste management service includes segregation and oversight of the safe removal of consumer waste, maximising recycling and reducing environmental impact. 

Pest control: fast and effective treatments using in-house expertise or partner companies.

Ed Morrow adds:

Safety is a passion and embedded in Sodexo’s culture across all markets.

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone working on an offshore installation continues to be our top priority.

All the improvements we have made have been created to not only to deliver the best and most efficient service possible but, also to improve the experience of those working offshore and to allow our clients to recruit and retain the best talent for their operations.

Sodexo’s Energy & Resources business provide integrated services to support the wellbeing and meet the evolving needs of employees working in often isolated and complex environments. 

From corporate offices to offshore, remote, and industrial sites, Sodexo Energy & Resources delivers catering, hospitality, welfare, facilities management services, property management and refurbishments. 


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