Sodexo has announced a new partnership with design specialists TSK Group as it continues to build Vital Spaces, its people-centric proposition for workplace.

Launched in November 2020, Vital Spaces brings together Sodexo’s full suite of workplace and employee-focused services to create agile physical spaces, meaningful employee connections and optimised business performance enabled with user-centric technology. 
The new partnership will support Sodexo to deliver best-in-class design, as organisations increasingly look to reconfigure their workplaces based on changing organisational and employee needs. 
Recent research* carried out by Sodexo with 300 leaders from six countries reveals that mental wellbeing and freedom to experiment with new working practices are the two main areas of employee experience being considered when looking at the future workplace.  50% of senior leaders questioned for the survey stated that health and wellbeing has become much more important over the last 12 months.
Sodexo’s research also reveals that 8 in 10 business leaders believe there is a need to adopt a company culture which supports remote and flexible working. According to Leesman, ‘Informal unplanned meetings’ and ‘Collaborating on focused work’ are currently two of the most required activities in the workplace, but also two of the least well supported. 
Julie Ennis, CEO corporate services, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “As companies review their workplaces it is clear to see that employee experience and collaboration are key considerations. Vital Spaces is our response, designed to help our clients manage their workplaces in a dynamic and responsive way.

Having worked with TSK on projects before and seeing first-hand their pedigree and expertise in creating inspiring workplaces, we now share a common purpose; helping organisations transform their workplaces through a connected, people-centred approach. We are delighted to welcome TSK as one of our Vital Spaces partners.

TSK takes a strategic and creative approach to workplace design. Using human insight and understanding about current workplace experience, work practices, values and brand, to develop workplace design concepts, working very much in partnership and co-creating with clients to deliver evidence-based, creative and innovative solutions. They work with some of the UK’s leading businesses, including Kelloggs, Metro Bank, Adidas and have created some of the world’s highest performing workplaces.
Iain Holden, TSK CEO said: “We are extremely excited to be announced as Sodexo’s Workplace Design partner. Our teams’ creativity and people-centric approach fits perfectly with Vital Spaces. We know that workplace design can significantly influence business performance.

As organisations review the ways in which they work, there is a clear need to ensure that now, more than ever, workplaces are designed to support employee and organisational needs. 

Sodexo launched Vital Spaces in November 2020, as a response to the changing needs of organisations and teams as the workplace continues to evolve. It brings together everything that Sodexo can deliver to adults at work, wherever they are working, through five focused areas of capability – Workplace Consultancy, Workplace Design, Workplace Management, Worklife Services and Workplace Technology and Analytics. 
Offering a fully integrated and enhanced range of services, from consultancy, space design and planning, through to employee-focused services like concierge, Vital Spaces is enabling Sodexo to deliver more people-centred services through greater integration of its business divisions and partners, including TSK, Sodexo Engage, Wx and Circles.
Sodexo’s Workplace Design solutions in partnership with TSK can reignite constructive collaboration and create an agile workplace which boosts productivity and employee engagement.

Find out more about workplace transformation with Vital Spaces.

*Experience Next: A new era in worklife is a global survey of 300 senior HR, operations, procurement and food/facilities executives which was conducted by Longitude, a Financial Times company, in February 2021. Respondents were based in six countries: Canada, China, France, India, UK and US.

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