Sodexo has added 40 mobile testing units (MTUs) to its existing portfolio of COVID-19 testing sites across the UK.

MTUsThe leading global services provider is now responsible for a total of 59 testing sites following the transfer of the MTUs from the Ministry of Defence.

MTUs travel around the UK, increasing Covid-19 testing capacity in remote areas, in care homes and prisons, and can be set up in approximately 20 minutes.

Each MTU has the capacity to carry out more than 400 tests.

Swabs are collected on site and taken to one of three mega-labs to be processed, with results expected within 24 hours.

Sean Haley, regional chair, Sodexo UK and Ireland, said:

I am immensely proud of how teams throughout Sodexo are helping fight the threat posed by Covid-19. Supporting the Government in increasing the testing capabilities of the UK is vital both in safeguarding the health of the nation and in getting the economy going again.

Sodexo is playing its part and will continue to help combat this pandemic.

Alongside the 40 MTUs, which are deployed from 10 regional sites, Sodexo operates 16 regional drive-through testing centres and three local walk-in centres.

Sodexo’s staff have been training with military personnel in preparation for taking over the MTUs.

Each MTU is run by two teams, each covering a week-long period, and can be deployed anywhere in England within 12 hours.


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