Enjoy your clean office every day

From offices to remote oil platform, a clean environment does not just make you feel happy and safe, it also keeps you healthy and motivated. From housekeeping and janitorial services to laboratory cleaning and instrument sterilization, Sodexo delivers the highest standards of hygiene. Our highly trained and hand-selected cleaning operatives expertly and respectfully maintain your workspace.

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One of the Largest Corporate Cleaning Companies

Being one of the top corporate cleaning companies in the UK, we constantly strive to grow our diverse portfolio of cleaning services. All our cleaning teams are fully trained and skilled in maintaining high standards of hygiene through good practice and are experienced in cleaning every element of your premises. 

You will receive a tailor-made service that's geared to your specific needs and our customer-focused cleaning teams will ensure that they maintain the highest cleaning standards all the time. From digital apps to alert staff to smart dosing systems to reduce chemical usage, we always look to use the latest cleaning technology to save you time and money.

Digital technology in cleaning

COVID-19 brought cleaning services into focus like never before. The subsequent investment in services as a result of the pandemic has enabled innovation, with digital technology being introduced to help teams work more efficiently. This includes demand-driving cleaning using sensor technology, which advises teams where to clean and when. It also includes autonomous technology, or Cobotics, that work alongside onsite cleaning teams. Watch the video to find out more.

Clean environment, healthy environment

We are the commercial cleaning contractors of choice for companies. We understand how highly your customers value clean and well-maintained corporate premises and we can deliver the high levels of cleaning service your customers demand.

Business Health and Safety

Employee Health & Wellbeing

By providing end-to-end cleaning solutions, from window cleaning to carpet cleaning, and from disinfection to laundry services, our services portfolio are fully tailor-made to suit the needs of your team and business, in order to improve your employees' safety, health and wellbeing.

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Enhanced Hygiene in a Post-Covid World

Our cleaning teams are highly skilled and trained to maintain your facilities according to public norms and regulations on Health and Safety. In a post-pandemic world, with new working models arising, it's urgent to ensure a safe and clean environment to get your team back to the office.

Improving Wellbeing through Cleaning Services

The contribution of cleaning professionals to health and wellbeing in offices is huge. We take pride in the quality of our cleaners and the service they provide. We are your one-stop-shop solution for all your office cleaning needs. We can provide bespoke cleaning solutions for your business, ensuring that you gain from not only the best cleaning service but the most convenient too.


At Sodexo, we offer so much more than just cleaning and understand the significance of a good management system and regular communication between our cleaning management team and clients. No matter what the service is you require, our aim is to work closely with our clients in order to comprehend their needs and fulfil their specific requirements through tailored office cleaning solutions.

A Complete Environmental Services Solution

We provide exceptional & sustainable commercial cleaning services across the UK and our solutions enhance client-specific and measurable outcomes. A key advantage of a sustainable cleaning service is that its operational efficiency enables cost-savings at facilities.


At Sodexo, our unique combination of environmental services (housekeeping, biocleaning of premises) and support services (laundry services, interactive systems and transport services) contribute to enhancing the hygiene, safety and comfort of the environment, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

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Positive impact

food waste management

Reducing Food Waste

Wasting food feeds climate change. We are working together with our teams, clients and suppliers to reduce food and collateral waste at across Sodexo sites in the UK.

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Sodexo says no to plastic

Sodexo says no to plastic

Sodexo has banned the purchase of all plastic straws and stirrers, and committed to phase out single use plastic bags and polystyrene foam items such as cups, lids and food containers by 2020.

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