Our Public Service Pledge 2015

Our UK Public Service Pledge 2015 is an ethical manifesto for our contracts, for our wider conduct, for how we serve citizens, and for how we contribute to our communities.

Our pledge identifies key public service areas and initiatives which we promise to commit to, measure, and report on at least annually. These commitments stand in addition to those already laid out in our contracts, and in addition to our corporate responsibility programme. Together they highlight our conviction that a business involved in running public services signs a commercial but also a social contract, and must commit to a public service ethos.

We are therefore an organisation with firm principles. But without actions principles are only aspirations. That is why we are launching a Public Service Pledge to bring these principles to life through a series of tangible commitments.

Three Themes



Sodexo’s Public Service Pledge

Public-Service-Pledge-BrochurecoverOur Public Service Pledge identifies key public sector areas and initiatives which as an organisation we pledge to commit to and report on.

Living Wage commitment

Living Wage

Sodexo is a formally Recognised Service Provider proudly working together with the Living Wage Foundation. The commitment means that Sodexo has implemented the UK and London Living Wage for all employees working in its head offices in London, Glasgow, Stevenage, Leeds, Salford and Swindon. It also means that, wherever permitted, the company will submit a Living Wage alternative in all bids and will promote the adoption of the living wage to its clients.