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As a service provider

As a service provider, we want to promote local development, source responsibly and reduce carbon emissions and we want to encourage our customers to make healthy lifestyle choices.

As an employer
As a service provider
As a corporate citizen


As a service provider to clients in three business activities and multiple global market segments, with over 100 million consumers served each day, we have a duty to understand and provide for their unique needs, as well as their long-term aspirations.

Each of the Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments is owned by a global team responsible for that area of work, whether that is procurement, HR or Health, Safety and the Environment. To manage and drive progress for the UK & Ireland we have set up a Better Tomorrow 2025 Steering Group to help create coherence and ownership drawing together subject matter experts from across the business.


Fulfilling social interactions within communities contribute to progress and quality of life. This is why Sodexo contributes to the development of local communities. Among our different stakeholders, we strive to create positive and rewarding interactions with mutual benefits. We are committed to fostering business practices that are fair, inclusive and sustainable.

Which is why we want to offer healthy lifestyle options to 100% of our consumers every day, why €10 billion of our business value will benefit SMEs, and why we are aiming for 34% reduction of our carbon emissions.