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As an employer 

In our role as an employer, we are working to improve the quality of life of our employees, ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce and foster a culture of environmental responsibility.

As an employer
As a service provider
As a corporate citizen


As the world’s 19th largest employer, employing over 480,000 people that come from diverse backgrounds, we are responsible for our people’s personal well-being and development, as well as contributing to the development of the communities where they work and live.

At Sodexo, we consider quality of life to be a key factor in individual and collective performance. We are convinced that an organisation performs better when it operates in a more human way, promoting both the professional and personal fulfilment of its employees. We think people, given the right environment and tools, are a powerful driving force capable of transforming today’s challenges into a multitude of opportunities.


Our Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments articulate our vision to be a company that truly enhances quality of life, evidenced in our internal targets to reach a global 80% engagement rate, gender balance within our management teams and a culture of environmental responsibility.

Our targets are stretching and run along the same timetable as our corporate strategy Ambition 2025, making them truly part and parcel of our 2025 vision for the company.