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Social Impact & Outsourcing

Social Impact & Outsourcing

Improving Social Impact Through Our Outsourcing Services

Rebuilding public trust in outsourcing public services has never been more important. Providing positive outcomes and delivering quality of life for our consumers and local communities and our people is part of our DNA.

 We are committed to meeting society’s expectation of public services that work better in order to develop our social impact through our outsourcing services.

When we were founded more than 50 years ago, improving the quality of life was at the centre of our ethos. That drive to have a positive impact on the world and our society continues today, and we're committed to providing services through outsourcing that deliver value, better outcomes and improve our social impact. We operate efficiently and invest in sustainable practices and innovation.

As the world's 19th largest private sector employer, we take our responsibility for our employees' wellbeing seriously, as well as the communities where they live and work, and are committed to growing our social impact through our outsourcing services.

Contracts can't be based on price alone

We recognise that the practice of awarding contracts based solely on price doesn't lead to positive outcomes. Sodexo has been lobbying for a number of years to include social value in central government procurement. 

We have firm ethical values and believe in demonstrating our principles in our actions. Our public service pledge brings our core quality of life principles to life through measurable targets and case studies.

We have been committing to our social impact principles through our UK public service pledge since 2015.

We review our pledges, measure and report on them, utilising the themes, outcomes and measures outlined in National Social Value Measurement Framework to highlight the positive outcomes we have delivered both in our contracts and the impact on the communities where we operate.