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Social Value Catering At Sodexo

Catering & Social Value

Our Catering Services - Helping To Improve Social Value

Food glorious food. But it’s not so glorious that two million tonnes of food that is needlessly wasted every year by the UK food industry.

Tackling food waste is the food service industry’s biggest collective challenge and we all acknowledge that action is critical to improving social value. There are many steps which can be taken, and not all require huge financial investment. All food service providers can get their catering teams and chefs to change their behaviours in the kitchen and cut waste.  

We know is that action is critical. If we are to act as responsible corporate citizens we need to do as much as we can to improve the quality of life of future generations in terms of social value and reduce the impact of business operations on the environment. 

We have a huge responsibility to ensure we are providing choices that our customers are demanding whilst also ensuring that those choices also help to combat some of the climate issues which face society today. 

We recently partnered with Knorr and WWF and have designed plant-based menus based on their Future 50 Foods report, bringing more sustainable meals to our customers. 

The report identifies a move towards three key trends driving the appetite for change including: a) a growing taste for authentic and international foods b) a more sustainable and plant-forward approach to diets and c) health as a personal priority. The foods highlighted in the Future 50 Food report have all been chosen based on their high nutritional value, relative environmental impact, flavour, accessibility, acceptability, and affordability.

We know from our Global Workplace Study that 80% of employees think having access to vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian options in the workplace is important. Food companies play a huge role in educating consumers and, as a food services provider, we can help encourage people to make lifestyle choices that have a better impact on our climate and the planet. We need to ensure that we increase the percentage of vegan and vegetarian dishes in our menus and ensure that the meat we serve is produced to high animal welfare standards.

It is vital for businesses to improve their social value through healthy, sustainable food choices all year round. Not only foods that will benefit their health, but also foods that are sustainable and good for the planet. Moreover, what is equally important is that businesses have a responsibility to educate employees in the food choices they make and help them understand the impact food has on their bodies and the planet.