Kitchen design and build

Kitchen design and build

Sodexo, a global leader in Quality of Life Services, executes and manages turnkey renovation and new construction of kitchens, dining areas and serveries from concept through implementation.

Foodservice has always been at the core of Sodexo’s operations. For four decades, we’ve helped clients operate their kitchen facilities more efficiently and effectively.

Sodexo provides state-of-the-art design engineering capabilities required to get your kitchen project off to a great start. We can develop architectural design and engineering specifications to ensure that every aspect of the initial stages meet the client’s expectations in this pre-construction phase.

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Green solutions

Sodexo has been recognized internationally for various environmental awards, and our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Technical management

Sodexo develops cutting-edge expertise in maintaining facilities and equipment.


Creating and maintaining clean, safe and cared for exterior areas is the core element of Sodexo’s ground maintenance and landscaping services.


Our security services offer you the assurance of the highest standards and quality, ensuring the safety of your employees and facilities.

Waste management

Our solutions deliver a service that cover all waste streams through one point of contact.

Cleaning and laundry

We recognise cleaning as a science and a professional service, which is crucial in maintaining a hygienic and safe working environment.


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