Nutrition and well-being

Nutrition and well-being

Eating is an essential part of daily life. We associate mealtime with pleasure, friendly conversation and, of course, good health. With this in mind, Sodexo offers a full array of customizable foodservice formulas.

Healthy living

In addition to planning and providing varied, wholesome, well-balanced menus, we help employees enjoy the benefits of healthy living.

In the United States, for example, we have set up a website called “Your Health, Your Way” to promote proper nutrition combined with dining pleasure. We work with our dietitians to develop a wide array of innovative foodservice formulas for sit-down or carryout meals corresponding to the lifestyles, preferences and tastes of people today.

The new premium foodservices offer, Origo, responds to heightened consumer interest in sustainability, ethical food sourcing and improved health and well-being, emphasizing fresh, highquality, seasonal produce, fair-trade sourcing and recyclable packaging. Origo’s outstanding menu creativity won Sodexo the 2010 Menu Innovation and Development Award (MIDAS).

In Latin America, Comer Sano Vivir Bien (Eat Healthy, Live Well) is a nutritional program for weight control that educates our consumers about good nutritional habits to improve their health and well-being. The program provides information to help people choose nutritious meals based on daily calorie intake recommendations. A nutritionist works with individuals interested in weight control and healthy eating habits to develop personalized dietary guidelines.

Promoting health in the workplace

Sodexo has been recognized at the World HRD Congress Awards 2012, in Mumbai, India, in the category of “Promoting health in the workplace”. We are committed to adopt differentiated strategies that continuously aim at promoting a healthy environment, inside and outside the place of work.

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be... by Sodexo


be... by Sodexo is a global offer designed to benefit local culture through fresh products and eye-catching imagery while at the same time showcasing the culinary talents of our Chefs.

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