Base management

Life on a military base or headquarters includes a large number of non-military activities. Establishing a single point of contact for the management of all services simplifies day-to-day management and offers economies of scale. Among the services Sodexo provides: operating childcare facilities, overseeing supplies, procurement and logistics and waste management.

Base management

Comfort, modernity and performance

Sodexo’s comprehensive service solution for the French Defense Ministry’s new headquarters in Paris is designed to provide a comfortable, modern working environment that promotes performance and efficiency. The 500 Sodexo employees on the site will be responsible for preparing 7,500 meals each day, managing 825 accommodation rooms and 425 meeting rooms and handling 2,000 tons of waste annually. Other services include concierge services, grounds management and maintenance of display flags.

More services

Area upkeep

At sea or on land, armies train in natural environments. These areas, which are constantly maintained and secured, are...

Instruction centers

We are experienced in comprehensive management of military training centers, where we provide specific teaching equipment...

Logistical support for training

During training, we supply armies with everything they need to focus on their operational exercises: we handle fuel...

Weapons and ammunition storage

In the United Kingdom, at Colchester, the sidearm weapons and ammunition storage are administered by Sodexo.

Our services

• Facilities Management: Domestic services
• Facilities Management: Works services
• Catering
• Solutions for troops & families: Retention & Well-being
• Total base Management
• Logistics
• Transport services
• Near-core support
• Project management & consulting

Key figures Defense

726 million euro in revenues

3.6% of Group revenues

10,370 employees

Source: Sodexo Group, FY 2016