Motivation solutions

Due to the nature of their work, the schedules of military personnel are variable and often unpredictable. It is absolutely essential for them to be able to count on reliable solutions to guarantee the Quality of Life of their families.

Motivation solutions

Managing during periods of absence

When parents are at work, they need to know that the organization of their children’s daily life is in good hands. For soldiers, this is a crucial need as they may be required to work outside normal daytime hours or leave on long tours of combat duty. LINK provide a turnkey solution and considerable financial aid for parents who depend on childcare provision.

In the United Kingdom, we distribute childcare vouchers to active duty soldiers and their families as well as reservists. In accordance with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, the vouchers enable them to save more than 1,000 pounds each year through tax credits and reduced social contributions.

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Colchester Sodexo-UKSodexo has provided foodservices and multiple other services to Colchester Garrison (UK) and its subsidiary units since 2004.

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