Offshore waste management

Sodexo offers an end-to-end waste management solution managing the process upstream from source minimization to disposal, recycling and/or treatment for a fleet of rigs or platforms.

Offshore waste management

Managing the waste stream

We offer solutions to reduce household waste on your offshore unit and minimize transport of waste from unit to land.

Protecting the environment

We develop sustainable solutions to protect the environment with recycling and treatment initiatives.

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Design and refurbishment of your offshore units

We optimize the limited space on your existing offshore units while improving amenities such as cabin comfort, recreation facilities, galley upgrade and mess design.

Mobilization of newbuilds in shipyards

We offer a complete range of services to mobilize your units in construction, modification or inspection in the shortest timeframe.


Our on-board multitrained technician takes care of corrective and preventive maintenance of your equipment.


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Corporate services

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Learn about our services for your onshore facilities (offices, supply base, refineries…)