Sodexo is firmly committed to promoting the advancement of women and empowering women around the world both at work and in our communities.

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We believe that gender balance fosters creativity and innovation, and ultimately drives better business results. When women reach their full potential, business and society are stronger and more successful.

Sophie Bellon, Chairwoman of the Sodexo Board and CEO of Sodexo



How we champion women in leadership

Through 70 years of leadership, The Queen has inspired us all. Sodexo features in the only official book marking the Platinum Jubilee pageant in recognition of how we champion women in leadership. To celebrate this honour, we spoke to some of these leaders about their experiences, their challenges and the guidance they’d give to others who might want to follow in their footsteps.

Humility and understanding are essential no matter your profession

Louise explains the importance of having a strong team of people behind her and the women who have inspired her throughout her career.

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Becoming a leader can be quick, but feeling comfortable might take time

Maeve talks about her leadership approach, challenging assumptions and being patient when your confidence falters.

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Why having specialist skills can actually broaden your horizons

Yvonne explains that nursing is both a vocation and a springboard, and reminds women that even specialist skills can be used in other ways.

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How life as a military wife has made a career very personal

Maureen explains how a life on the move has influenced her, how engaging with people and her experience of other cultures has shaped her to be the people’s manager she is today.

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We all perform better when we feel we belong

Raj Jones is Sodexo’s Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which makes championing women a professional and personal goal. She sees her role as a ‘positive disruptor’, driving incremental change that can transform working lives. Raj explains how a feeling of belonging can make a material difference, both to individual well-being and the business bottom line. 

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How thinking like a soldier prepared Sam Prime for her new career

Sam explains why getting the right kit to the right place is so important, and how thinking like a soldier will always be her greatest skill.


Why this Chef Manager is keeping a firm hold on the career ladder

Originally from The Gambia, Ejatou explains how a lack of options at a young age has influenced her approach, and why she sees no barriers in her way as she continues to push herself forward. 

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Why celebrating the success of women in security is a man’s game too

She explains why celebrating women’s achievements is so important, and how it’s changed how her whole team – men and women – recruit and promote their colleagues.

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How different cultures helped this CEO find clear understanding

Burcin explains how a lifetime of adapting has shaped her leadership style, and why you should strive for a clear understanding of the person in front of you.

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Why female leaders are essential role models in prisons

Samantha explains why she’s passionate about equal representation, and that it’s not just for equity’s sake: she believes female role models are vital to turning lives around.

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Behind the drama of Royal Ascot, it’s a family affair

Gemma explains how a family ethos grounded in respect helps her team support an event like no other.

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Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

Woman cookng

Pay gap report 2021

Our organisation is moving in the right direction to improve parity in both gender and ethnicity, yet we recognise there is still a lot of work to do. This pay report summarises our current position and demonstrates how we will hold ourselves accountable for making change happen.

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Two employees

Pay gap report 2020

We continued to take our commitment to improving gender equality across the board but we recognised that more also needs to be done to address any inequalities in pay including ethnicity, which is why for the first time, we published our findings in both areas.

Download the 2020 report