Stop Hunger is a Sodexo initiative active in over 40 countries around the world. In the UK & Ireland, we work with charities to donate time, skills and money to tackle hunger, support good nutrition and promote life skills in local communities. Our work contributes to and forms part of the Sodexo global corporate responsibility programme, one of the pillars of our Group CEO's new strategy for the company.

The foundation supports charities that alleviate hunger, and which provide the support and the education to help people get out of food poverty and that's why we've worked with the Trussell Trust over the last few years. 

Gareth John, Chair Stop Hunger Foundation

Since 2010 the Stop Hunger Foundation has been able to donate over £3.4 million to charities tackling hunger and malnutrition.

In 2020, because of our contributors continued support, Stop Hunger has still been able to support charity partners like Meals and More, Alexander Rose, The Trussell Trust, FareShare, St George's Crypt, Social Bite, Coram, SSAFA and Focus Ireland, to name but a few. All this work is making a real difference to local communities where Sodexo teams live and work.

Of course, hunger and malnutrition is a huge problem globally, with 820 million people in the world not having enough food to lead a healthy, active life; that’s about one in nine people on earth. However, it is also a problem here in the UK and Ireland, with 10% of children estimated to be living in households facing severe food insecurity. This is why we are working with charities like FareShare and Trussell Trust to tackle hunger across the country together. 

To find out more please visit our Stop Hunger website

Our partnership with Stop Hunger and Trussell Trust