Clinical Engineering Services

Medical device management is key to optimise clinical outcomes and ensure excellent patient care. MTS Health works closely with NHS and Private Sector clients to provide cost-effective medical innovation and technology, that supports their clinical practices. 


Acquired by Sodexo in 2021, MTS Health remains as the forefront of Healthcare Technology Advisory, offering strategic insight, honest guidance, and proactive expertise to fuel key decisions.



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What services do MTS Health provide?

Medical Device Management & Maintenance

Our Medical Device Management model highlights a significant financial benefit of migrating fragmented asset management structures, towards a centralised budget model and driving efficiencies. MTS works alongside NHS Trusts and the Private Sector to identify areas for improvement

Healthcare Technology Management

The strategic approach to managing your medical equipment assets efficiently and economically with Governance and Leadership for Trust Executives. MTS continually evaluate the latest digital technologies in healthcare to discover what’s best for our clients.

Clinical Engineering Services

Within our Clinical Engineering Services, MTS Health provide: highly Technical and Professional Planned Preventative Maintenance Services; Reactive Remedial Repairs; Governance and CQC Compliance; Asset Validation; Training ensuring the correct clinical staff are trained on the equipment; Friendly Centralised Helpdesk.

Healthcare Procurement and Risk Management

We undertake multi-million-pound equipment procurement projects for the NHS, as well as reviewing PFI contract variations and monitoring. MTS Health also provides services for equipment specification development, contract management of 3rd party suppliers and options for technology partnering.

Capital project equipping

Business Case Planning for SOC; OBCs and FBCs MTS have been the market leaders in planning the programming and equipping for hospital builds, as well as installation and commission services. MTS lead Trust Equipment Advisors to many of the National Hospital Programme Schemes

Cost and Service improvement

We make recommendations to improve equipment utilisation, undertake service contract reviews, and provide benchmarks to support business case development.

What our clients say

“The best decision we made was to award the Medical Device Maintenance contract to MTS Health. The dedicated team at the Harlow service centre have done a fantastic job for us. We always have enough devices to provide the service we need to our patients and the team are always available and willing to support us with additional requests at a moment’s notice”

Matthew Leagas, Lloyds Pharmacy Homecare

Benefits of Healthcare Technology Management

Effective, Cost-efficient Technology Planning

Purchase the right medical equipment and maximise uptime.

We ensure hospital equipment is professionally maintained, and available where and when you need it, eliminating unnecessary down time. 


Robust Governance and Regulation

Increasing compliance and safety in an ever-changing world.

MTS Health provides medical device regulatory consulting so you can be confident in adherence to appropriate regulation and standards. We can programme manage the overall installation and commissioning of all equipment.

We’ll make everything as clear and simple as possible to help support your internal and external reporting and evidencing requirements.

MTS Health Medical TechnologyModern Medical Equipment Management

Create transparency with modern asset management and benchmarking.

Our Equipment Asset Management database provides easy access to benchmarking costs for equipment and multiple equipment services.

This can be used for a variety of needs including business case development; cost improvement projects and accurate utilisation when linked with RTLS/RFID solutions 


Considered Healthcare Procurement and Supplier Relationships

Manage risk and improve outcomes through supplier selections.

We’re supplier and technology agnostic so our medical device consultancy services provide the best recommendations for your organisation.

We’ll work in partnership with your Trust Finance Directors and legal team to assess the capabilities and performance of the market service providers.


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Our Partners

Royal Surrey Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Medical Device Management 

MTS originally undertook a comprehensive asset audit to establish the implementation of the e-Quip system for over 12,000 assets. MTS wrote a comprehensive Medical Equipment Cost Improvement Programme and provided on site personnel for 2 years for the Management of Medical Assets. 


Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

Biomedical Engineering

Commencing in April 2021 MTS are managing 10,000 assets over 200 sites across Kent for one of the largest Community Health Trusts. MTS are providing Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)+ Service and therefore cover all planned activity and labour for any fault callouts and repairs. 


Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare

Biomedical Engineering 

MTS launcehd the Medical Device Management contract with Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare (LPCH) in February 2020. The contract covers all maintenance and remedial repair services for 5000 medical devices. 
MTS implemented the e-Quip asset management database, audited all medical equipment and provide a full PPM and Reactive Service. This service is provided from our Service Centre based in Harlow from where we service LPCH devices and also other biomedical engineering services to the East of England.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Biomedical Engineering

MTS provide Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM’s) to support the Clinical Engineering Team of 86 personnel across the Trust’s15 sites. This contract was awarded in July 2021

Healthcare Services

making a hospital bed

Healthcare Facilities Management

Sodexo has become the long-term strategic partner of many healthcare organisations by designing, managing and delivering a range of services which allow our clients to focus on delivering excellent patient care.

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swab test covid19

Onsite Covid-19 Testing

Regular asymptomatic Covid-19 testing will become an important part of managing everyone’s health and wellbeing. By creating an onsite testing facility on your premises you’ll be able to offer a safer, more controlled environment, proactively tackling the spread of infection within your communities.